Queen Elizabeth's 

relationship with Princess Diana

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Queen Elizabeth II, who passed away on Thursday, September 8, had an uneasy relationship with Princess Diana.

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The association experienced many ups and downs, especially because of alleged affairs outside the marriage of Prince Charles's son, according to reports.

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To start with, Queen Elizabeth II and Putri Diana's relationship have many ups and downs and are not easy at all.

The relationship became complicated mainly because Diana's husband, alleged affairs outside of Marriage Prince Charles, according to the report.

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Diana met the Queen in 1980 when she was dating her son, Charles.

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After Prince Williams was born in early 1982, Diana gradually started assuming her royal responsibilities, and the bond with the Queen strengthened gradually.

The Birth of the Prince

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charles and Diana separated publicly I n 1992, and the formal divorce happened three years later in 1995.

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